Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wisconsin Trip Update #3

Must have the cheese curds.

Home of the Brewers!
As a result of a lack of sleep, or just crazy sleep, yesterday was a blur (I will avoid posting the pictures of people sleeping in the car as we entered Wisconsin, since I love these people and would like them to continue loving me).  It was 8:00 p.m. before I began to crawl out of the sleep deprived fog, but by then, it was bedtime for me....and I assume for Ash, too, since I didn't see her, or Nathan after that time.
What we wanted to accomplish yesterday:  trying to make up for our travel sluggishness, going to Culver's (always on our Wisconsin trip), going to Goodwill (we never leave a trip with mom-if in AL or WI...or any other state....without trips to Goodwill), and visiting with family.  check, check, check and check --An accomplished day.
Nick & Jamie and Uncle Matt.
All our step-brothers, and sisters-in-law (is it sisters-in-law or sister-in-laws --- just know that I considered this grammar question before writing, but I currently don't want to google, or wake Ash up to ask her) came to visit.  We spent a majority of my waking hours sitting outside with family and friends.  The weather was amazing for this, as the day was warm, but the night was cool. Being outside on a cool night with my family was a perfect end to a great day.
Family hanging out outside.

I took pictures throughout the day yesterday, unfortunately, my camera was suffering from a lack of sleep, as well.  Most of the photos were in a fog of their own, but I tried to salvage some of our adventure documentation.

Now for today's plan:  Wedding,  visiting with family and hopefully getting better pictures. Pretty great plans, I feel like today will be a success!

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  1. Culvers = yumminess!!!! I do think you should have posted arrival pictures, we went on this journey with you, we should know all sleepy person truths about it.